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FO: Mitered Square Blanket

The Mitered Square Blanket is finished!
Pattern: Plymouth Pattern 1063
Yarn: Noro Kureyon, 20 skeins of various colors, Auracania Nature Wool and Nature Wool Chunky (leftovers), Malabrigo Worsted (leftovers)
Needles: US 8 (5 mm)
Finished Size: 48″ Wide x 60″ Long
Mods: Several. First of all, I substitued Noro Kureyon and some yarns from my stash in place of the Plymouth Boku. I used size US 8 needles for the entire blanket instead of using sizes 7, 8 & 10.
I also added an extra row of squares to the width and height of the afghan, and worked two extra rows on the edging.
I really like the red and pink in this square.
I’m a bit fascinated and pleased with how the lines from the center mitered stitch on each square make diagonal lines across the blanket.
The wrong side of the blanket. I’m very glad I wove in the ends as I went along and didn’t wait until the blanket was completed. I’m sure it would have been quite a bit longer before it would have made it to finished object status!
A great pattern, great yarn and a fun knit – I’m very pleased with it!


WIP Wednesday

I’ve pretty much ignored all of my other projects in an effort to finish the Mitered Square Afghan before spring arrives.
The squares and the edging on three of the sides are done. I’ve just got one more side of the afghan to knit the edging for and it’ll be done! I’m so glad because once this is finished I can get back to my spring knitting.
Two edges needing to be seamed. Noro Kureyon looks very different in garter stitch. To me, anyway.

The other project that has been worked on is the Oak Ribbed Socks.
I’ve turned the heel on the first sock and am just about done with the instep decreases. I really like the colors in this skein of Trekking.

WIP Wednesday

Another WIP Wednesday. Here are my current WIP’s.

First, the Babette Blanket. I finished the fourth 8-round square last week and haven’t worked on it since.

Next, the Oak Ribbed Socks. This is a great basic sock pattern, and Trekking XXL is great to work with.

Here’s the Stained Glass Scarf from Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick. It was a UFO for a while there, but after finishing the Chevron Scarf, I picked it up again.

The Woolen Cashmere Twinset Cardigan. The Rowan 4-Ply Soft is great to work with. It’s a very enjoyable knit, despite having 350+ stitches per row on size US 3 needles.

And this my favorite WIP.
The Mitered Square Afghan. This afghan is so much fun! It’s at the specified width of 7 squares and height of 9 squares. It’s coming out a bit small for my taste, however, and I’m planning on adding one column of squares to the width and height.

So there’s the WIP update. I hope to have modeled photos of the Central Park Hoodie later this week.

Blankets and a Swatch

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I knitted quite a bit on a project that has been neglected for over a month. 
Yes, I finally picked up my Mitered Square Afghan again. I forgot how much fun this blanket is to knit.
Unlike other patterns I’ve seen for mitered square blankets, these squares are not knit individually. Stitches for the next square are picked up along the sides of the squares already made. I’m sure the afghan will get to be quite a large piece of knitting in my lap by the time it’s done, but at least I won’t have any seaming to do. I guess I’d better finish this one soon – I won’t want a large piece of wool in my lap in a couple of months!

I couldn’t let the weekend go without knitting at least two Babette Blanket squares.

Below is a 10-round square, the only one in my version of the blanket.

The two fronts of the Central Park Hoodie are finished and will be blocking tonight, I hope. So, this weekend I swatched for the Dollar-and-a-Half Cardigan.
The Reynolds Soft Linen is very nice to work with and the finished fabric is soft with a nice sheen. I’m really looking forward to making this cardigan.

I’ve been looking for a substitute for the Fiesta La Luz used in the Printed Silk Cardigan, and last week I ordered some silk yarn from Colourmart. I ordered this yarn in Lilac Steel. It was $60.00 including shipping for the 38″ size. Great, huh? But I just read this post, and I’m getting quite nervous. I’m a naturally tight knitter, so I hope I can get gauge with this yarn. If I can’t, I’m not sure what I’ll do with it. I really hope I can make it work! If it doesn’t I can go back to my original choice for a yarn sub, Frog Tree Pima Silk. Lolly is making a Printed Silk Cardigan in this yarn, and it looks like it’s working well for her so far.

Also, Bonnie Marie Burns, the designer of the Aleita Shell has posted a modeled photo of the shell here, and Jennifer Tallapaneni, designer of the Mirabella Cardigan has posted a modeled photo here (scroll down to the bottom of both posts for the photos). I’m so glad designers with their own blogs do this so much of the time, now!

And last but not least, my sister Priscilla, who maintains our family blog, made this Layered Mocha Cheesecake over the weekend. It was sooooo delicious! I don’t think many other cheesecakes can beat this one, especially if you like coffee and chocolate!

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